Up to this point, the discussion has centered on three real estate investing strategies, Subject-To, Retailing, and Foreclosures. In this article, we are continuing our pursuit of the best investing strategy for the beginning investor.

In my opinion, the new investor will do best using an investing strategy that will allow him to enter the market easier, without the necessity to acquire complicated knowledge that takes to much time to implement. This is our goal, which brings us to the next strategy in our discussion, the buy and hold strategy. Read the rest of this entry

In this article, we are continuing our series toward the discovery of The Beginners Best Investing Strategy For Success. In the past two articles, we have discussed the Subject-To and Retailing investing methods.

In this article, the discussion will center on the Foreclosure market. This strategy in particular, due to the current state of the economy has the attention of not only the investing community, but the general population as well.

Home foreclosures today are at an all time high. The stability of our economy is tied closely to the housing market. We have seen in recent years home prices falling from the strong appreciation enjoyed earlier in the past decade. Read the rest of this entry

In my first article in this series, I discussed the Subject-To investing strategy. Let’s continue our discussion and talk about rehabbing or probably a more widely used term, retailing. To have the most success with this strategy, you don’t only need to know how to fix up a house, but you need to be able to find a great deal.

However, in saying that, there are many retailers who do nothing but fix houses, they leave the house discovery to wholesalers. It just depends on how much time you have and how much work you want to do. Finding the deal, however, is a topic for a future article in this series.

There are many books that have been written on the subject of retailing, but for our purposes we will  take a look at the basics of what a retailer needs to know and do. Read the rest of this entry

There are many investing strategies that the new investor may want to try. The ones I would like to comment about are wholesaling, lease options,  rehabbing, subject-to, foreclosures, and buy and hold. There are others, but this list will do for our purposes.

What the new investor should keep in mind is where is the best place for him to start. In my previous article, Cash Poor Real Estate Investing, we took the first step on our investing journey.

Now, we are ready for the next step. It is not so much of a question of preference, but how can the new investor enter the market with the best chance of success. What I want to do is to take the list above and through the process of elimination discuss the listed strategies and point out the positives and negatives of each.  Read the rest of this entry

Cash Poor Real Estate Investing

Hello real estate investing world! Thank you for coming to my site today and beginning the journey with me of discovering the joy and challenges of investing in real estate.

My name is Don Mayer and I have been investing in residential real estate since 1988. Throughout the years, I’ve had many and varied experiences that I want to share with you. Experiences that I believe can help you in your investing  journey.

Along with my experiences, I also have plans to write about topics that would be of interest to new investors like, “How-To-Do It” articles, mistakes to avoid, investing strategies that work in today’s market, product and course reviews, and much more. Read the rest of this entry

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