The Top 10 Seller Benefits

Selling a home can be a very emotional experience. Buyers and sellers usually have an agenda of what they want to accomplish in the transaction. In order for sellers to come to an agreement with perspective buyers, they have to realize certain benefits that give them reason to sell.

In this article, the discussion will center on the top 10 seller benefits when they sell using a lease with option to purchase contract. These benefits taken together, build a strong case when choosing to use the lease with option to purchase strategy. In today’s market climate where houses can sit unsold for months, sellers want the security of knowing that they put together a good deal, one that will be safe and make their house salable. Read the rest of this entry

We have come to the eighth and final installment in this series, in our quest to discover the best investing strategy for success. As I write this post and consider every technique that I have discussed, I am convinced that the lease option strategies offer the beginning investors the best lead-in to success in real estate investing.

It is the strategy that I specialize in. The one where you will find the greatest opportunity in today’s real estate market.

This article will focus on the consulting lease option technique. This strategy, of the three discussed is the easiest to understand and implement. It is safe, with no down side risk. The pay days are excellent for the work and time you put into the deal. Read the rest of this entry

In this article, our discussion will focus on the cooperative lease option assignment. This strategy involves much less risk than the sandwich lease option and it doesn’t involve managing the property. It also requires only a few dollars to put down to bind the agreements with the seller.

Presently, this is my favorite investing technique. I am able to help sellers get their property occupied with a qualified tenant/ buyer who has a good chance for loan qualification, and eventually buy the house. With no management responsibilities, low risk and a small binder deposit, the profit margin is very good for the effort I put into the deal. Read the rest of this entry

In this article, I am about to discuss what I believe is the best investment strategy for the new investor’s success. It is the lease with option to purchase strategy. Of all the investing techniques I have tried, the lease with option is my favorite.

I have been using it since 1995. It has brought good tenants to my properties, provided good up-front cash, positive cash flow, and acceptable back end profit. This technique has several variations.

I will briefly discuss each one to show you how versatile the strategy is, in terms of ways you can implement it. Due to the amount of information presented in this article, I will compose it in three separate posts. Read the rest of this entry

After several articles discussing different investment strategies, we have finally come to one of the two investing techniques that I believe the new investor would be wise to consider. In this article, I will talk about wholesaling.

The new investor will find that the wholesaling strategy will allow him to enter the market more easily and with concepts that are easier to understand. There will be less risk and will require very little money. Read the rest of this entry

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