Getting Paid – Option Deposit or Rent


Getting Paid Cash Today

Getting Paid Cash Today

Getting paid cash is one of the best parts of real estate investing. However, there are times when the dollars received are less that expected.. Take for example the most recent deal that I closed. The home was a 3 bedroom 2 bath ranch in a great subdivision, with easy access to shopping, schools, and recreation. The seller had contacted me from a marketing piece I had sent her over a year ago. At that time her house was under contract as a rental.

The renters were moving out soon and she needed to get the property sold. she noted that she could keep the home out of foreclosure for about 3 months. After that, she would be out of money. I put the house under contract as an “Option to Lease Option”. I placed a sign in the yard, worked up a digital flyer and began marketing the house. Read the rest of this entry

Have you ever thought about investing in real estate? Could you see yourself wheeling and dealing, putting deals together as you create your Real Estate Empire? Building this dream in your imagination brings you a sense of excitement and thrill.

You reason that you will have more time with your family, more discretionary income, a higher standard of living, and bills paid on time, college for the kids, and vacations! You have read about others who have done it, so why not you.

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The Real World of Real Estate

The real estate entrepreneur has many options when it comes to investing strategies. Some strategies call for the home to be repaired or renovated, while other strategies call for homes to be bought and flipped. Other techniques fall in between these two.

Throughout many of my years as an investor, I have utilized the buy and hold strategy. In my early days of investing, I would look for properties that only needed minor repairs. Once I found a house that fit my criteria, I negotiated the purchase. After the repairs were made, I would rent the house out.  Read the rest of this entry

Essentials for Setting Up the Home Office

Setting up your home office is a necessary part in the life of a real estate investor. In order to conduct business, there will be certain pieces of equipment, office furnishings and services necessary so work can be done effectively and efficiently. 

I would suggest that you designate a part of your house that will give you some privacy and enough room to accommodate the necessary items you will need.


.  Communications


·         Land line telephone: I would recommend the use of a land line phone system. I currently have one. I realize that with the cell phone explosion many families have decided to discontinue this service. Read the rest of this entry

Investing in real estate can certainly be challenging, but also rewarding. It is important that the investor be prepared for any and every situation that comes about. During the negotiations with the seller this is especially true.

In the buying and selling exchange, buyers and sellers negotiate out their wants and needs in order to get the best deal for themselves, so answering seller objections is a must.

Seller and Buyer Needs

Sellers will have questions that need to be answered. When considering questions, and more importantly objections, keep in mind that these are not negative signs during the negotiation process. In fact, objections are really positive signs where the seller is actually saying, “Please give me more information”. Read the rest of this entry

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